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Over 50 designs/themes!

*IN PRODUCTION* - These designs are in production and will ship as soon as they are in hand!

*PRE-ORDER* - Orders are being taken on these designs.  Once we have reached minimum order, they will be placed in production.  There is no ETA on when these designs will be placed in production.

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Why Choose Us?

All of our designs come with their own requirements that are challenging and educational.  You are encouraged to use our requirements but are welcome to create your own as well.  We have new releases all the time so make sure to come back and see what is new often!

Please remember that our designs are not official.  Rae's Creations are not sponsored, supported nor endorsed by any organization.

We just got a message from an ecstatic leader who just got approved for a GS Community Garden. She said "Thank you! If not for your [design] I wouldn't have even thought of it!" She started her girls on the Grow It, Can It, Eat It design and will also be incorporating Woodworking and Gardening.

Another leader messaged "My girls love working on Rosie. It has become our theme for the year. We use Rosie in everything we do! ... Thanks for filling a need that isn't available elsewhere. Keep doing what you are doing, we appreciate it."

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Rae's Creations started in 2016.  Our group wanted more challenging programming and were disappointed in what was being offered.  Soon we realized that we weren't alone.  We started with one design and have grown so much!  We love what we do and enjoy providing quality designs with challenging and educational requirements!

Our crafting supplies are a work in progress!  Make sure to check back often to see new offerings!